Hello, friends!
We're Ryan
& Lindsay Quinn

*aka Mr. & Mrs. Main Squeeze*

We are a husband and wife team who share a passion for capturing couples on their most important day of their lives.


We are there for all the laughter, happy tears, and champagne pops. Photographing and filming weddings has been our dream job for 5 years now, and still can’t believe we get to do this every day! 

When you know, you know!

if you love...

making memories

classic vibes


true-to-life colors

vibrant colors

then we're your people!


Decker is the reason behind Main Squeeze Photography! The only reason we picked up a camera was to get the best possible photos of this furry guy. He is a spunky, green-bean loving, fur shedding Australian Shepherd, and the light of our lives! (We hope to love our future human children this much!). Decker has unfortunately gone through a couple of spinal surgeries and has trouble using his hind legs. Don’t feel bad for this pup just yet. He gets to use a special harness that allows him to run like the wind and live the best life possible! He even uses his injury to get bonus treats from us (eye roll) and it works every time.

Meet Decker

We were fortunate enough to be able to afford Decker’s surgeries, but we know many families do not have enough funding to give their animals the long life they deserve. We never want any family to be faced with the difficult decision between losing their pet or paying for an expensive procedure they simply can’t afford. A portion of our earnings goes to a fund that provides financial assistance for life-saving care for dogs. All the fuzzy Main Squeezes of the world deserve to live long and happy lives! We proudly support 'Make It PAWSible'.

Meet Decker

Our Main Squeeze

WHEN YOU WORK WITH US, A portion of our earnings goes to a fund that provides financial assistance for life-saving care for dogs. 

You Should Know


about ryan


Former Pediatric Nurse and Spy Kid

Yes, he really was in Spy Kids and lets everyone know

Pizza Lover

Favorite Travel Spot: LONDON

Dog Cuddler

"I wouldn’t trade working with Lindsay for the world. Capturing weddings with my best friend is definitely the best job I could dream of!"

about lindsay

Former Houstonian

Taught Elementary for 10 years

Has rewatched New Girl 5+ times and not ashamed

Major Swiftie

Plant Killer

Enjoys long, romantic walks around the neighborhood with Decker

"Working as a husband-wife team is so much fun! At this point, we can just read each other’s minds and anticipate the next move. We know what works best on a wedding day and how to get the most beautiful photos!" 

Disappointed Dallas Cowboy fan

Favorite Travel Spot: COLORADO

You deserve a photography experience focused on capturing the big moments as well as all the small details that go into your Wedding Day.


We can't wait to connect with you, and learn more about you & your vision for your wedding day.